The Family 

Behind the green

The reason I started my business? I knew I wanted to stay at home with my wild child of a 
daughter and I couldn't afford it. I was a waitress at the time while trying to sell Arbonne beauty products, occasional pet sitting, almost any side job I could find just to afford bills. I didn't like the bouncing back & forth and not being able to spend time with daughter, I was missing out on those precious moments and milestones. Arbonne honestly did inspire me so I started making my own products, but all plant based and a very special ingredient.

I am a Cannabis and Hemp activist; I incorporate it into my business and everyday lifestyle. Not only is it an amazing medicine for ADHD, Bipolar Depression, Anxiety, etc. It's beneficial for your skin, hair, making textiles, oils, gas and so much more! I created my products to not only help people love their skin and natural beauty, but to educate others about and to support my family.
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"Success isn't about how much money you make;
it's about the difference you make in peoples lives."